'A Shifting Arts Release'


When I started to work in new music during the COVID Lockdown, I was originally thinking that I wanted to create a 'label' to release music digitally only.

The idea soon evolved into a larger project, with physical versions for the album I was making and a wide spectrum of graphic output for the amazing work that Hugh Miller was creating. It was a natural evolution a logical step where design, music, exhibitions and even performing arts would find their way into the public realm.

Working with Hugh on this has been an amazing experience and the results speak for themselves.

The name was also a logical evolution since the spectrum and the scope for the output kept and still changes continuously, it was only logic to adopt the idea of 'Shifting Arts' which we would later use as the acronym SH-A RE (adding the Release) at the end to signify the physicality of the work.

This is just the beginning, we hope that you enjoy and are attracted to the work we've been doing for some time and that you can now own too.

Thank you...