Finding Inspiration, collaboration and purpose during the pandemic... Presentation 'Tour'

Finding Inspiration, collaboration and purpose during the pandemic... Presentation 'Tour'

For quite some time now and before the album was officially launched in June of 2023, I've been giving a presentation about the whole process to create the album and the artwork for 'At the End of the World Plant a Tree'

Centered in the reactions of a natural event (the wildfires of 2020) as the trigger to a a research on climate change that evolved into a creative and collaborative project with people from different disciplines. With the intention to raise awareness on the current climate emergency and how important is to have a purpose to detonate richer and interesting collaborations with professionals of other areas.

The conversation presents the evolution of the visual language through graphics, anecdotes and even showcases some early experiments with VR and AI as tools that can enrich a creative project like this taking it to unsuspected results.

That talk has been highly praised and you can get in touch with us if you are interested in doing one for your team, event or location.

(send us a message to discuss details)


The talk has been presented live and also remotely in different design and communication forums like:

ArtCenter Masters of Brand Design Strategy and Branding Studio

Los Angeles Ca. (Again Jan 2024)


'Tonal' Design Team

San Francisco California (Oct 2023)


Album Launch in México City (live in front of 250 people)

Hotel Mondrian Condesa (Jun 2023)


ArtCenter Masters of Brand Design Strategy 

Los Angeles Ca (Jan 2023)


Microsoft Global Design Week ‘22

Broadcasted globally (Dec 2022)


Intuit Annual Design Gathering

Bay Area Ca(Oct 2022)


Microsoft Outlook Experience Design Team 

(All hands)  (July 2021)


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