SO/LO Artwork Shortlisted in the D&AD Awards 2024

SO/LO Artwork Shortlisted in the D&AD Awards 2024

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to share something that happened this week and relates to some events and my state of mind for the last couple of months in which I've been finding difficult to feel at my 100%. (both personally and professionaly)

This week, the art work for my album was shortlisted in the D&AD Awards 2024 in the Graphic Design category, a work done in collaborations with Hugh Miller and Andrew G. Hobbs. We knew the work was good... and getting shortlisted was already great news!

Unfortunately we didn't win an award but for some days it was good to feel the chance of being publicly awarded for the project, a feeling that I had not experienced for a really long time.

Not winning and award reminded me of all the difficulties on making this project 'tangible", all the obstacles that appeared during the process, all those days in which I wasn't sure if the 'thing' was going to be feasible and on all the effort that was required to create something out of nothing.

It may sound cheesy but I do believe that in the end the real success of any endeavor is not in the number of awards, but the fact that you were able to make something that you are proud of and that it may be a potential inspiration for others.

The journey is the destination and as I tend to say very often, 'sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But sometimes... when you lose, you win'

Thank you very much for reading

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