Covet The Cover!

Covet The Cover!

Record cover blogs are not uncommon in social media, it is hard to do something that feels unique and that's precisely what Covet The Cover has achieved in Instagram with a 'blog' that shows a beautifully curated selection of classic, new and many left field album covers. You can sense the love and passion for the format in all the descriptions and in the eventual extras added to their selection of images.

Covet The Cover give the SO/LO album a slot and their reach left us absolutely blown away with kudos and recognition by some of the biggest names in record cover design like Mark Farrow (Pet Shop Boys, Spiritualized), Chris Big (v23/4AD), Simon Taylor (Tomato/Underworld), Tom Hingston (Massive Attack)!!!

Thank you all at Covet the cover!

have a look at their post (and the comments!) here...

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